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Benefits of Coffee Riyang :1. Reduces depression and stress2. Prevents free radicals3. Increases metabolism4. Improve the digestive system5. Detoxify the body6. Balances pH level7. Anti-oxidantAlkaline Coffee and Suitable for diabetic.
Start your day (or noon – we get it) with our flagship Oatler - a better sub for your diets. A powerful combo of super grains and plant protein will be the most convenient nourishment that goes into your mouth. Loaded with vitamins and minerals, this is a real meal that makes you feel good in no time.40g per serving10 meals per box
Black Sesame : Strong black sesame flavour from real ground black sesame. The crunch of rice crisps further elevates the consumer experience, providing extra fullness.Purple Potato : Silky smooth purple potato flavour, complimented by the chewy texture of freeze-dried yoghurt cubes. The crunch of rice crisps further elevates the consumer experience,...
50ml/ bottle,A box of 6 bottles of freshly stewed honeycomb bird's nest,2.5 grams of dry bird's nest per bottle.⚠️⚠️⚠️ We cook and deliver them on the same day, so that the freshness of the bird’s nest can be guaranteed.
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