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After being in the industry for making instant beverages, Aik Cheong is a familiar name to many. Expanding its market, they have even produce more variety of drinks. The 3 in 1 Hot Chocolate is an instant beverage of chocolatey goodness.
Benefits of Coffee Riyang :1. Reduces depression and stress2. Prevents free radicals3. Increases metabolism4. Improve the digestive system5. Detoxify the body6. Balances pH level7. Anti-oxidantAlkaline Coffee and Suitable for diabetic.
Aik Cheong is a brand that has existed since 1955 and is the go-to product for any instant beverage needs. Their products could be seen being sold at convenience stores or markets, and being used at coffee shops as well. One of the greatest trends is matcha.
SIZE whole chicken (1.2-1.3kg+-) CLEANED with organsweight will be lost after cutting, because the head, neck, butt and fat have been removed to clean and packing
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