PFW Femme Beau Essence/...
PFW Femme Beau Essence/...
PFW Femme Beau Essence/...
PFW Femme Beau Essence/...
PFW Femme Beau Essence/...

PFW Femme Beau Essence/ Collagen+Vitamin/ Black Chicken Oral Collagen Essence/ Anti-Aging/ Firming 美白祛斑 防晒 祛除黑斑 黑眼圈

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15ml x 10 bottles

-Hydrating, Firming and Re-Vitalising Properties Provides
-Balanced Nutrition and Nourishments, Improves Blood Circulation and Skin Metabolism / Renewal Rate
-Powerful Anti-Oxidants and Anti-Free Radicals that Delay Ageing and Reduce Wrinkles
-Skin Whitening Properties
-Sun Damage and UV Protection
-Anti-Bacterial and Healing Properties
-General Health and Endocrine-Regulation Properties

*One bottle (15ml) one hour before meals each time, twice daily
Recommended to consume on an empty stomach (preferably in the morning and at night).
*This is a concentrated product made from all-natural ingredients.
*Please shake well before consuming as sediments may appear.
*For regular maintenance ~ 30 days course
*For intensive treatment ~ 60-90 days course

15ml x 10 bottles

1. 润肤雪容,增加皮肤弹性和光滑性
2. 促进血液循环,促进皮肤新陈代谢、提供皮肤新陈代谢所需要的各种营养成份及活性成份
3. 抗氧化,抗自由基,延缓皮肤细胞衰老,消除皱纹
4. 美白肌肤、祛除黑斑
5. 防晒、防紫外线
6. 抗菌消炎,洁肤,防止多种皮肤病
7. 调理内脏,调节内分泌系统功能,促使完美的健康状态秀于肌表



15毫升 x 10瓶
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