Are you wondering what kind of dishes you should surprise your mother with this Mother's Day? Why not bring her back in time with dishes that recall the nostalgic taste of warm memories?

Here are 7 home-cooked meal ideas that you can easily prepare for your Masterchef mom and family at home. Let's relive her favourite food memories together on Mother's Day!

Premium DIY "Hai Di Lao"

If you hate waiting in long queues just to enter a crowded hot pot restaurant but still want to enjoy the warm, satisfying experience of eating it this Mother's Day, then why not stay at home and make your own? Immerse in the luxurious experience of feasting just like you’re at Hai Di Lao!

As long as you prepare a variety of fresh and delicious ingredients, even staying at home and eating hot pot can be easy and fun. With palm-sized tiger prawns, sweet and tender Norwegian imported halibut, Premium black Angus Beef slices, Supreme Spanish Iberian Black Pork slices, juicy Japanese and Australian Wagyu beef slices, as well as the essential ingredients for steamboat, Hai Di Lao fresh mushroom hot pot soup and Lao Gan Ma Chilli Sauce. Top this meal off by satisfying your mom’s sweet tooth with a healthy beetroot drink!

But whatever it is, this meal will taste extra tasty to your mom, because you and all the family members are here spending time with her.

Family-Style Chicken Rice

Is the smell of your mom cooking chicken rice in the kitchen one of your core childhood memories? Why not thank the female figure who has always stood by you no matter what, with a nostalgic, hearty chicken rice dish too?

Good news for you - you can serve your mom this Nanyang-style meal effortlessly, and relive your best memories with her. Instead of spending the whole day in the kitchen just preparing all the complicated ingredients, you can spend quality time with your mom and family members with home-cooked chicken rice dishes that can warm your heart and stomach without putting in long hours in the kitchen.

Just cook a pot of chicken rice with simple ingredients, and order a whole roast chicken online. That’s it! Not enough? Well, there are never enough dishes to thank your mom who raised you, but it’s definitely worth it to add some mouth-watering dishes to your dinner table. From Crispy Roasted Pork, BBQ Pork (Char Siew), steamed fish with ginger and soy sauce, to steamed tiger prawn, and abalone with broccoli... let’s give your mom a big surprise this Mother's Day!

Fancy Home Omakase

Do you want to create your very own leave-it-to-the-chef Japanese meal, Omakase, at home? If your mother has a soft spot for Japanese cuisine, (and if you’re too lazy to cook), then the best way to amaze her is to definitely become her personal chef but without actually cooking! Try this fresh and sweet salmon sashimi that can be eaten raw without cooking. If you want to enrich your taste buds even further, you can also serve it with cold seaweed and pickled radish as side dishes to make this salmon meal more balanced and way more eye-catching!

For moms who can’t live without rice (Asians unite!), a bowl of delicious and healthy instant salmon rice will be a good choice for her. Surprisingly, this ready-to-eat dish is also carefully served with pickled radish, corn, edamame, and cabbage, a total package!

Your mom doesn’t eat sashimi? Indulge her in this premium Wagyu beef set originally from Japan. Not only can she taste the tempting beef melt in her mouth, but the soba noodles are also delectable with low calories, just perfect to fulfill her heart, mind, and stomach at the same time!

Old-School Chilli Pan Mee

If eating Pan Mee with your mother is an unforgettable memory of your old school days, why not take advantage of Mother's Day to bring back this simple and happy memory with food?

For moms who love to drink soup, a bowl of clear soup Pan Mee that you can cook within minutes is naturally the best meal for her. Want to make the most of this simple noodle dish? Add some green vegetables, fresh tiger prawns, fish slices, and eggs to it to recreate a mouth-watering seafood clear soup noodle. If she fancies strong-flavoured dishes, an appetizing Tom Yam Seafood Soup Pan Mee will be perfect for her.

If she’s a spicy food lover, treat her to a home-cooked Chilli Pan Mee, combined with the essence of Pan Mee – half-boiled eggs, dried chili, fried anchovies, or fried fish cakes. Then, cook a bowl of appetizing soup using anchovies’ powder and add some vegetables, seafoodmeatballs or sliced meat, and more to it, and a fancy yet yummy Chilli Pan Mee is ready to be served!

Homemade Bak Kut Teh

Do you remember when was the last time you had Bak Kut Teh with your family? It’s not every day that everyone is here to bond with your mom, so why not let this ready-to-eat Bak Kut Teh, rich with Chinese herbal flavours, excite her taste buds without a hassle this Mother’s Day!

Other than Bak Kut Teh, the super appetizing Vinegar Pork, Braised Chicken Feet, and Pepper Stomach Soup that are staples every time you dine in at the Bak Kut Teh restaurant are definitely worth adding to your at-home Mother's Day menu. Want to have a balanced and healthy meal too? Don't forget to add some blanched or stir-fried vegetables to this sumptuous feast!

Simply order all the above-mentioned ready-to-cook dishes and vegetables at your fingertips with Farm To Table. Cook a pot of fragrant white rice, and that’s it! It’s time to indulge your mom in a fantastic Bak Kut Teh meal with the company of you and your family.

Appetizing Hakka Cuisine

Is your mom a fan of oriental cuisine? Why not spoil her with a table of enticing Hakka dishes this Mother’s Day?

Whether it’s Pork Belly with Preserved Vegetable, Halibut Fish with Homemade Sauce, or Pork Belly with Yam, Mango Chicken, and Yam Abacus, all these dishes are extremely authentic and unique. Most importantly, you don’t have to prepare and cook for long hours. Simply heat these frozen ready meals and surprise your mom with a table of fresh Hakka food! 

Not only should you let your mom have a rest, you too shouldn’t tire yourself out. Order those appealing Hakka cuisine dishes online today and immerse her in an unforgettable Mother’s Day!

Or if you wish to show off your cooking skills to impress the Masterchef in the house, try this Black Vinegar Pork Trotters recipe.

Nourishing Desserts

Females tend to have a “second stomach” to make room for desserts, and your mom is no exception. After having a big meal, why not pamper your mom with healthy desserts that can nourish her body and taste buds?

If your mom loves jelly-like textures when it comes to desserts, then either Peach Gum or Gum Tragacanth will be a great choice for her. If she eats too much spicy food or food with strong flavours during dinner, it’d be better to treat her to barley to make her body feel better.

It’s time to sweeten up the day for you and your family with these finger-licking desserts!

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