Mother's Day is just around the corner! Are you still hesitating about what gift to get for her?

Like every superhero, every supermom has different powers and requires different ways to feel loved and recharged! Let's take a look at what are the options for your supermom specifically.

For moms who like tea

Do you have a ‘live, love, laugh’ type of mom that enjoys sipping her aromatic tea? If that’s the case, try to observe the type of tea your mom generally prefers to drink. Then look for the perfect tea set to gift her, and give her an unforgettable afternoon tea time. Here are some tea ideas:

(1) For moms who want to look slimmer: Red Bean and Barley Detox Tea When drank, washes down the throat effortlessly with the rich aroma of tea leaves, which helps reduce water retention, making her thinner and more beautiful.

(2) For traditional moms: She can choose to drink it either with or without sugar for this traditional ready-to-drink Hainan tea. Bring her right back to old times with this nostalgic aromatic tea.

(3) For moms who eat too much ‘heaty’ food: Halosong Herbal Tea is the most suitable gift for those who love snacking. After drinking it, it helps balance her body temperature and ultimately makes her feel more comfortable.

For moms with a solid wine collection

Do you have a drink ready for your mom, who has thousands of stories to share that you’ll never get tired of? If you want to indulge in your mom’s stories, don't forget to prepare some wine as a gift for her. So that you can take this opportunity to spend quality time with her, paired perfectly with high-quality wine.

(1) For romantic moms: Rose Wine, made from Italian red grapes with a light and aromatic taste, makes your mom feel as if she’s right in Italy.

(2) For moms who always feel cold: Rice wine, made from fermented sticky rice, is refreshing and slightly sweet with ample rice fragrance. It can help those who are afraid of the cold and warm their bodies up. This will also nourish their blood and maintain their beauty, making them look physically younger.

For moms who love to snack

Have a mom that likes to sit and snack on the couch, bingeing away dramas on the weekends? It’d be a good choice to give your snack-ish mom a healthier option, that is equally as tasty and impossible to put down while watching TV shows, but without feeling guilty.

(1) For moms on the healthier side: Raw walnuts, originally from California, are crispy and fragrant. Every bite of it is full of high-quality oil and protein. So, your mom can not only enjoy eating it but also helps her brain have a healthy boost!

(2) For vegetarian moms: Dried vegetables. A collection of dried vegetables with different colours which are crispy and slightly sweet, allowing your mom to satisfy her cravings without worrying about gaining weight!

(3) For moms who love durian: Frozen Durian Pulp allows you to save the effort to de-shell the durian so that you and your mom can enjoy the wonderful, dense durian pulps melt in your mouth without a hassle.

For moms who can take the heat

If your mom loves spicy food, then these different types of spicy dishes will suit her appetite, allowing her to enjoy the burn as well as the ‘shiok’ feeling of a fire-in-the-mouth.

(1) For moms who love eating fish: Anchovies Chili Paste– created by mixing rich and fragrant ikan bilis (anchovies) and chilli paste made from spices. It’s time to indulge your mom in the flavours of spicy chilli and anchovies, whether eating rice, noodles, or any sort of dish!

(2) For moms who enjoy chicken drumsticks: This Spicy Hot Sauce Chicken Whole Leg is marinated in a rich and spicy sauce. Every bite of this steak is tender and spicy, sure to indulge your mom in joy and satisfaction.

(3) For moms who love noodles: Dried Chili Pan Mee is the noodle to go. You can enjoy the chewiness of the noodles, the crispy flavour of anchovies and dried chilli, as well as the tender taste of half-boiled eggs, allowing you to warm her heart and give envelop her in foody happiness!

For health-conscious moms

Moms who care for their health maintain healthy habits, and deserve a variety of easy-to-prepare healthy drinks and food as gifts, so they can enjoy a high-quality healthy lifestyle!

(1) For moms who have lower blood count: Ba Zhen Paste - simply add hot water to it and you can enjoy it instantly. This Ba Zhen Soup is specially designed for busy, tired, and moms who have weaker immune systems, as well as those who have dysmenorrhea. This Ba Zhen paste can easily help maintain her health, nourish her skin, make her look younger, and live a healthier and happier life!

(2) For moms who want to stay young and beautiful: Bird's Nest Drink is stewed with pure natural ingredients, allowing busy moms who are serious about skincare to enjoy the extremely rich taste from the nourishing bird's nest, and ultimately become more beautiful and joyful!

(3) For moms who can’t resist sweet cravings: Frozen Dragon Fruit Chunk can be eaten after thawing or directly blended with other ingredients into a smoothie, allowing your mom to enjoy the natural sweetness without losing the healthy benefits, where she’ll simultaneously feel the sweetness in her mouth and the warmth in her heart.

For moms who want to slim down

Does your mom always regard losing weight as her lifelong goal? Give her a special soup or an intriguing meal replacement that's convenient and easy to make as a gift! Not only does it make her feel pampered and happy when receiving the products, but they also help her with her lifelong goal: to reduce her calorie intake, after consuming.

(1) For moms who want to be healthy: Weight Loss Milk Shake, mix it with skim milk, shake well, and it’s ready to drink. This drink will keep your mom full for a longer time and it tastes just like a sweet drink, but without the sugar.

(2) For moms who love purple potatoes: Purple Potato Replacement Meal, it’s low-fat and can keep her feeling full for a longer period. It can be consumed after mixing with warm water for 5 minutes.

(3) For moms who love a crunch: Meal Replacement Shake, it’s available in purple potato, sesame, mango, and durian flavours! Fully packed with high-quality protein, your mom will surely have a full stomach with the necessary nutrients! This shake can be paired with fresh dried fruits and biscuits, and every bite your mom takes will be of crunchiness and satisfaction.

For moms with a sweet tooth

When it comes to tea time, you probably shouldn’t miss the opportunity to brighten up your mom’s day with a creative dessert, especially if you have a sweet-toothed mom. Let’s celebrate this wonderful Mother’s day with your mom and create an unforgettable memory for her this year!

(1) For cheese lovers: Smoked Salmon Cheese Cake is sweet and sour mixed with a salty taste in your mouth, making it a super appealing dessert with a unique flavour to surprise your beloved mom.

(2) For the woman in charge of the house: Empress Mama Cake is available in dark chocolate, lemon, matcha, and other flavours. This respectable cake can be a huge surprise for the most respectable lady in your family!

(3) For the dreamy mom: Miss Dior Cake is the ultimate raspberry butter cake made with lychee and rose flavours, allowing your mom to get in touch with her dreamy, feminine side of her again.

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But it’s okay if you didn’t find a suitable gift for your mom, in her mind, the most important thing is your company. Why not go back to your home and enjoy a meal with your mom, hug them and simply say “thank you” to them? To her, your companion is undoubtedly the best gift you can give.

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