What is 8excite+?

8excite+ is Farm To Table's loyalty points partner, where you're able to earn points while purchasing groceries, snacks, and other staples from the Farm To Table site.

You will be rewarded with Excite Points (EP) every time you shop on Farm To Table, and this EP can be used to redeem and cut down your bill on your next shopping spree!

What are the benefits of 8excite+?

  • Enjoy an additional 5% on top of all offers running on Farm To Table.
  • Gain Excite Points every time you shop.
  • Redeem Excite Points to reduce your shopping cart total.
  • Gain access to 8excite+ members only special sales.
  • Redeem your Excite Points on your next purchase in all 8excite+ ecosystems (Gadgets, Computer & Accessories, Insurance and more).

How do Excite Points (EP) work?

How do I earn & spend my Excite Points?

  • You gain 1 Excite Point for every RM1 Spent on Farm To Table.
  • To use your Excite Points, every 100 Excite Points = RM1 reduction.
  • You can spend & earn at all 8excite ecosystems.
  • Excite Points can be used to redeem goods such as:
  •    Gadgets
  •    Computer & Accessories
  •    Insurance
  •    And More!

Redeem Excite Points in All 8excite+ Ecosystem:

  • Takaful Insurance
  • MCIS Insurance
  • YouBeli eCommerce
  • Vcircle
  • Incitement
  • Chatime and many more!

4 Steps To Become An 8excite+ Member & Shop With Rewards

Step 1:

  1. Go to the Farm To Table Log In page.
  2. Click the 8excite+ button under 'Sign in with'.
  3. Or, if you haven't had an 8excite+ account yet, click 'Register Now' to sign up & verify your account by clicking the link sent via email.

Step 2:

After your 8excite+ account is verified, log in to Farm To Table via 8excite+ & click 'Continue As'.

Step 3:

  1. You'll be logged in to Farm To Table with your 8excite+ account.
  2. You should be able to see your Excite Points balance to the left of your username as shown.
  3. Start shopping!

Step 4:

At checkout or shopping cart, you'll be able to see your Excite Points balance too! Simply enter the amount of Excite Points you wish to redeem before checkout.

Interested in shopping, earning & saving with Excite Points on food & groceries?

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